Lovina, the seaside town of the north is actually a grown together strip of fishing villages of which Kalibukbuk is the center. Lovina is known for boat trips to spot dolphins. Lovina is located 12 kilometers east of Lokapaksa, it is a tourist village. There is a lot to do in Lovina, shops, restaurants, cafes with live music and discos. There is something for everyone. Recently the Spice Beach Club opened. Here you can enjoy lunch, drinks and dinner in a nice area, see: We recommend to book in advance. Spice Beach Club will pick you up, if required, at the villa and bring you home again afterwards.

For a drink and listening to great live music, there is Kantin 21, not only loved by tourists but also locals love to linger here. A comprehensive list of recommended bars and restaurants can be found in the manual in the villa.

Seririt & Banjar

Seririt is one of the larger places in the neighborhood. It is not really modern but you can enjoy shopping and there’s a great big pasar in the center which is worth a visit. In the hills behind Seririt you can make nice hiking and biking trips. Near the monastery (see below on this site) which is located in Banjar there are hot springs:  Air Panas. The springs are located in a beautifully landscaped tropical garden. There are also a dozens of ‘jets’ in the shape of dragon heads under which you can stand.  The water spraying out of the jets massage in a wonderful way, your neck and shoulders. Some people say that the springs have a healing effect, soothing and relaxing it is in any case. In the weekend the springs are populated by many Balinese families who take their weekly bath.  Do not be put off by the numerous vendors on the road to the sources.

Zen Resort

The Zen Resort is within walking distance from Loka Residence. After a nice walk along the beach for about 1 kilometer you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the gardens, a spa treatment and / or a massage. From the garden you have a beautiful view of Loka Residence and the rest of the area.

Brahma Vihara Arama

The Buddhist monastery Brahma Vihara Arama lies in the hills of Banjar, 8 kilometers  to the east from Loka Residence. This is the only Buddhist monastery in Bali. The monastery is situated on several layers and has special painted walls and praying rooms. It is also called the small Borobudur.

Git Git waterfall

About 30 minutes south of Singaraja lies the Git Git waterfall. A path of about 1 km filled with souvenir shops leads past a coffee and vanilla plantation to the 40 meter high waterfall. Here you can enjoy the water as its clatters down.


Munduk is located in the mountains south of Seririt. It is a mountain village, making it a lot cooler than at the coast. Munduk is set a midst the rice terraces. You can make beautiful walks to lake Buyan. Not far from Munduk is the magical temple Pura Ulun Danu in Bratan. Also located in the neighborhood are the beautiful botanical gardens of Bali. Here you will find numerous wild orchids, including very rare species.

Lokapaksa by feet

In the immediate vicinity of Loka Residence you can enjoy a nice walk . When you step out of the gate , turn immediately left and follow the road along the other villas until you cross the rice fields . Step on the dike of the drainage and walk towards the houses and palm trees  you see right in front of you in the distance . You will end up at a river, which is, depending on the season , a ferocious swirling mass or a small babbling brook . Standing on the quay wall you can turn left which will bring you eventually at the beach and you can walk home along the sea again. The other way is to cross the bridge. You will then arrive in a village. When you walk straight along the river you will finally end in Seririt. From there you can take a taxi back home . However, if you turn right on the quayside, you see on the other side of the river  villages , women doing laundry, playing children in the water, oxen, which are washed and beautiful jungle vegetation . from here it is also possible to go back to the house through the rice fields.

When you step out of the gate of Loka Residence  and you walk towards the highway , take a right at the warung and walk into the fields with the vine . Follow the paths until you come into the open field and then the jungle rises for you . Walk towards the trees  and soon you will hear the water murmur of a brook . Follow that sound and soon you will see the water flow. Walk along the path and You’ll notice a few steps that bring you to the stream. Follow the stream, enjoy the wonderful light through the foliage and small waterfalls . Eventually you come back in the civilized world. You can see the sea in front and you can go back along the beach to Loka Residence . You can also walk to the highway . Turn left after the village gate , turn right and walk about 700 meters along the highway . You will see on the other side of the road which goes down . Cross the road and follow the road straight through the village . At the end is a temple . Walk past it and follow the path. Below you will see a drainage channel. Follow the stone quayside of this water, enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna . Eventually you ‘ll come to another village . The temples here are very worthwhile . Follow the paved road and you come back out to the highway . Sometimes you ‘ll have to cross  a yard to continue the hike . Do not be alarmed by the barking dogs , they just bark and don’t bite. If someone is at home they will kindly greet you and to point out the way, Bali is a hospitable island.