The villa is fully equipped, also media wise. We have tried to provide European comforts. So, in the house you will find, among other things:

Wifi & Internet

The staff can provide you with a password, so you can have unlimited access to internet. Not as fast as in Europe, but, it works. You can keep your  Facebook up to date. Please bring your own iPad, Laptop, iPhone, etc.


There is a docking station available in the villa, which you can attach to your iPod, iPhone etc. You can also connect your laptop to the stereo.


There is also a TV with BVN and local TV stations present. BVN are not commercial stations in Belgium and the Netherlands. There is also a DVD player with more than 150 films. You can connect your laptop to the DVD player to listen your own music.


There is a very large bookcase, which is equipped with both Dutch and English books, there is something for everyone.