The most beautiful temples

Bali is blessed with many beautiful temples, too many to mention. We have entrusted a few for you to this website.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratanvakantiehuisopbalitempelpuraulundanubratan2
This temple was built in 1633 by the Raja of Mengwi in honor of Dewi Danu, goddess of the sea and mountain lakes. The complex is very picturesque at 1200 meters altitude on a peninsula and two small islands in the lake Bratan. In the background you can see a cozy, often shrouded in mist mountainside. The temple consists of several clearly separated parts. Tourists are not allowed in the sacred domains to come, but from the shore one can glance in.

Tanah LotVakantiehuis op Bali Tanah Lot
Tanah lot is probably the most famous and most photographed temple on Bali. It is also the most touristy and there may be a lot of people. You can see why it is such an attraction that is, the location is superb and the temple stands on a small rocky island connected to the mainland only at low tide. It always looks incredible beautiful.

Pura BejivakantiehuisopbalitempelPura Beji
Sangsit is located on the north coast of Bali, just east of Lovina Beach. A major attraction is the Pura Beji , a Subak temple, dedicated to Dewi Sri , the goddess of agriculture. Striking is the difference between the temples of the north and south of the island. In the north, the temples, instead of the small shrines and meru towers of the southern temples, only one in a terraced stone foundation pedestal placed in the central courtyard. The northern temples are also much more exuberant decorated. Every available wall portion is beautifully decorated with swirls, curves and arabesques, this gives the sanctuaries Baroque appearance. The magnificent gate of Pura Beji is guarded by naga serpents and frightening headlines from this almost demonic guardians spying on you from all sides of the chaotic sculpted vegetation. At the entrance you can rent a scarf and sarong for a small fee. This is, in addition to a small donation, required.

Pura BesakihvakantiehuisopbalitempelPura Besakih
Bali’s most important temple, Pura Besakih, is located about 1,000 meters above sea level on the southern slope of the sacred Mount Agung. It is not clear exactly how old the temple is. There is a theory that it was founded by the priest Besakih Danghyang Markandeya as a place for meditation in around the 8th century. In the 11th century the temple was recognized as the most important Hindu temple on Bali and has long been accessible only for the royal families of Klungklung, Karangasem and Bangli. The common people were not allowed. Pura Besakih is a complex of many individual temples across six or seven terraces. The main temple is the central Pura Agung Penataran, dedicated to Shiva.

Pura UluwatuvakantiehuisopbalitempelPura Uluwatu1
Pura Uluwati is located at the tip of Bukit Badung in southwest Bali. This temple is one of the sad kahyyangan, the six temples of the world – the most important temples in Bali. Not much is known about the history of Uluwatu, but it is certain that the most famous figures from the Hindu-Balinese religious history have contributed to the development of the temple. The temple is inhabited by a large group of monkeys, who are trying to steal what they can get, watches, glasses, bags and hats. Every Wednesday and Saturday between 18:00 and 19:00 there is a performance of the Kecak dance. Due to the breathtaking environment with a roaring ocean in the background, this is one of the best performances on the island.

Gunung Kawi

vakantiehuisopbalitempelGunung KawiGunung Kawi is located north of Bali in the village Tampaksiring near Bangli Bali in the middle of the river Pakrisan. Gunung Kawi is located in a valley. It is not a temple but a complex of ten in the rock-cut stupas dating from the 11th century. It was thought that the stupas were tombs, but that is not correct. What is more likely is the thought that they are made in honor of the royal family of the Udayana dynasty. ¬†Although no these stupas are no temples, we still mentioned them here, it’s too good to miss.