Diving & Snorkeling

There is an impressive coral reef at the north coast of Bal. The prime location is the island Pulau Menjangan, a small island in the northwest. About 1 hour drive from Loka Residence. The underwater world there belongs to the absolute top of the world. Another attraction is the wreck of the USS Liberty in Tulamben in North Bali.

An overview of the dive sites in the immediate vicinity of Loka Residence


The island is part of a national park since 1963, has beautiful coral reefs with hundreds of tropical fish and many macro life. Menjangan offers 8 different dive sites. It is a wonderful place for every level, also for snorkeling or just hang out on the beaches. On the island itself is the oldest temple off Bali.

TULAMBEN : U.S.S. Liberty Wreck

This fascinating WW II wreck was hit by a Japanese torpedo in 1942. The wreck is between 3 to 32 meters and is surrounded by thousands of fish, many variations of large clams and very colorful Gorgon coral.

TULAMBEN: The wall

Drop-off directly from the beach with a spectacular coral formation at 30 meters deep. Hold one eye at the open sea for mantas, sharks and tunas.

TULAMBEN : Batu Kelebit

Although the currents can be strong, most off the time they are okay. Generally the currents are on the surface and at the bottom of the slope. The reef is dotted with hard coral, sharks are often seen on the sandy bottom. For the more experienced diver.

AMED: Gili Selang

This small island is the most eastern Bali diving spot and a good idea for divers who seek a real kick. Between the big rock and the fixed land there is a narrow channel that is well suited for a safety stop after a great drift dive. For the experienced diver.

AMED: Japanese shipwreck

This small wreck rests on a slope and starts at 6 meters. Healthy soft coral covers the entire wreck. Table corals, gorgons and tunicates grow on this ship. Because the ship is ‘open’  this vegatation is also to be admired inside the ship.


Lovina reef is not seen as an interesting dive site, especially by experience divers. It has some nice new coral growth. The reef is better at greater depths. It is interesting for the novice diver because it is an easy place to get used to diving.


Zen Beach is a unique dive site in Bali and that only 350 meters from our house! The experts call this place THE top quality mud dive site. There is no coral but a great diversity of marine life. You just walk into the sea, swim 50 meters and there begins for the photographers among us, the ‘wet’ dream!


Unfortunately, there is no Lokapaksa Reef. However, we have dived in 2012 and 2013 in front of our house and the neighborhood exploring underwater. During these dives we discovered a little reef. On the map below there is a pinnacle. Enter the water in front of this villa and swim for 100 meter, then turn right. The nice thing about this reef is that it is a kind of nursery. You will find all the regular types of fish such as anemone fish and stingrays but in Juvenal state. Very nice to look at and investigate.


We have made ​​arrangements with a local guide to accompany you, at any dives or snorkeling trips. Please ask Anik about this.

All pictures are taken by ourselves on Menjagan.