Our house was built in 2007. Since that time, many have enjoyed their holiday here. In those years we have had many questions about Bali. We tried to include the most common questions below.

What is the best time to travel to Bali?
The weather in Bali is usually wonderful. Almost every day it’s sunny and warm. The warm weather at the coast is pleasantly tempered by a lovely cooling sea breeze. The monsoon creates high humidity, sometimes 95 percent in the rainy season. The rainy season starts at around November and last till April. North Bali is the driest part of the island and even during the rainy season, one can survive the rain. For us as Bali lovers, this means that in principle all months of the year it is good to stay on Bali.

How long does it take from the airport to Loka Residence?
The transfer takes 2 ½ hours to 3 hours, depending traffic. It is a long ride but is is a wonderful route. You will drive through Bali and as you approach the north, there is more nature and crowded south gives way to the quiet, relaxed life of North Bali. You will see beautiful rice fields, palm plantations, high mountains and beautiful lakes. In these hours you will get to know Bali, its interesting culture and of course its beautiful nature.

When can I check in and when do I check out?
Check-in at the villa is available on the day of arrival from 16.00. We ask you to leave the day of departure before 11.00.

What does your stay cost on Bali?
Bali is fortunately still pretty cheap. Eating in a restaurant with a drink will cost you still around € 7.50 pp. A t-shirt you can buy for 2 to 3 euros, sneakers for around € 8, -. In contrast imported drinks are very expensive. A reasonable bottle of wine quickly costs € 20, -, not to speak of stronger drinks. In Bali you can buy locally made liquor, which are a lot cheaper and offer good value for money. Meat, fruit and vegetables are fairly inexpensive, about half of what you pay in Europe but the range is more limited.

How do you withdraw cash?
The currency in Bali is the Rupiah. 1 Million Rupiah correspond to approximately: € 70.00. You can withdraw almost anywhere with a bankcard in the many ATM machines. Credit cards such as Visa and American Express may also be used. Please check the conditions of your bank.

What is the language?
The language in Indonesia is: Bahasa Indonesia. However, the Balinese speak English(little). The staff of Loka Residence, the guides and drivers speak a some English, but as we say: with hands and feets you will be able to make your point.

Is it safe on Bali?
Bali is safe. There is hardly any crime on Bali. You can in the evening walk on the street. Sharks, snakes, scorpions, rats, mice, mosquitoes and cockroaches occur naturally in Bali, it is a tropical climate. However, if you just pay attention, just like you do in your normal life, they pose no threat to your health. The food in Bali in restaurants is generally good, you will experience few problems with this. The food at a pasar or a “randong” (a moving eatery) is discouraged, due to hygienic reasons.

What about the medical facilities?
In North Bali there are enough first aid places, doctors, dentists and hospitals, in case something happens. Loka Residence uses the services of a good doctor from Singaraja, Dr. Handra. If something happens the staff can reach him. There is also a good dentist in Singaradja.

What to bring to Bali?
You don’t need much, some clothing for regions with tropical climate, slippers, perhaps walking shoes, sunscreen and swimwear. For your first day in Loka Residence there is a small start up package so you do not need to go shopping that day. The most things on Bali are cheaper than in Europe, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. If you forget something, then (most of the time) you can buy it on Bali and often a lot cheaper than in Europe. We therefore recommend, make it easy for yourself and bring as little as possible, travel light. It is smart to take a sim-lock free phone. You can buy easily a SIM card and some credit for € 5, -. Convenient because you use your phone at local cost.

What travel documents do you need?

As of 10-06-2015 you do not need a visa if you are less than 30 days in Indonesia. For longer stays, different rules apply, please check the Indonesian embassy in your country. Please note that there must still be at least two so-called blank pages in your passport and your passport must be valid for at least six months on return to your home country.

Which vaccinations do I need?
For the necessary vaccinations and pills you can best turn to your doctor. Tropical diseases are almost non-existent in Bali. Most of our guests do not use preventive medicine. It is important that you are protected from the sun, we recommend sunscreen factor of 20.

What can you eat on Bali?
Basically Bali know most of the worlds kitchens. In the villa you can eat what you want. You pay for the groceries and our staff will do everything possible to prepare nice things for you. However, the staff is the best in Indonesian kitchen but on Bali you can buy almost everything from chicken, beef, tuna, snapper and prawns, it’s all all there. If you desire, we can also arrange regular breakfast such as cheese, jams, bread and butter. Of course there is available on Bali delicious fruit, with a little luck you pick it even from the garden.

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