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Bali, earth’s smallest paradise, is considered “God’s Island” for good reasons. If there’s one word to describe this island, it is ENJOYMENT.

Yes, ENJOYMENT in capitals. Enjoy the scenery, the vivid colours, the culture, the gentle people, the smiling faces of the children.
Smell the aromas of fresh fruit ready to be picked and of the spices that are drying on the roadside. Enjoy! Bali’s nature is beautiful,
it’s culture and religious daily routines are impressive. Enjoy the mountains and volcanos with their huge diversity of wildlife and greenery,
the fascinating views of the green, terrace-shaped rice paddies. Enjoy the beautiful, silent beaches and sea that keeps its mysteries of
corals and fishes hidden underneath its surface. Whereever you may be, Balinese culture is never far away. [You can find temples and
sacrificial sites everywhere.] Just follow the sounds of the gamelan and surely you will find yourself in the middle of a temple or sacrificial
ceremony. All these impressions are to be savoured at the end of the day with a nice glass of wine on the terrace of Loka Residence……
Loka Residence is a luxurious 5 * villa with large private pool, large garden of almost 2000 sqm, situated directly on the Bali Sea. Our extraordinary
dream villa can be rented for a wonderful holiday, to enjoy all the beauty that Bali has to offer. For those seeking peace, comfort and authenticity,
the location on the beach in the North of Bali, close to the famous Lovina, is a perfect call.

We hope that this website will inspire you to visit Bali and that our lovely Residence may be your vacation home.

Warm regards,
Philippa and Darrin